August 2, 2012

Anonymous said: do you know any quality gikwang edit blogs? :o

Hm… not off the top of my head OTL 

Kikwangmybaby sometimes posts stuff

Try the Gikwang/Kikwang tags; you’ll find something

May 23, 2012

sashkpop-deactivated20120630 said: HI! Would you mind posting that pic of Gikwang you use as your avatar (or whatever it's called on Tumblr)? The one where he's doing the batman thing, kkk.

May 22, 2012

letterstobeast-deactivated20120 said: Hello! We're a new tumblog dedicated to BEAST. It would really help us if you can promote us to your followers! Thank you very much! :D

^ check them out you guys!

February 14, 2012

kimpulse said: hey there ^^ our magazine recently had a short interview with B2ST before the beautiful show in berlin. thought you might be interested ^^ you can follow @KColorsOfKorea or my twitter @Kcolors_kim for updates ^^

Thank you for the update~
Go follow you guys 

December 26, 2011

fuckyeah-songjieun said: Hi, we are a new tumblog dedicated to Secret's Song Jieun. We collect every pics and vids related to her. Would you please promote us? Thank you:)


July 29, 2011

itszoeyeung said: love ya blog 8D GI KWANG!!

Thank you so much!

June 13, 2011

Anonymous said: Do you know where to watch all epsiodes of Hot Brothers with english subtitles?

I’m afraid I don’t sorry.. :\

June 10, 2011

veehopeless said: nice blog :D

Thank you! Sorry we don’t update as much anymore ;__;

k-i-m-t-i-l-y said: please read and help


May 28, 2011